UPSC Full Form| What is The Full Form of UPSC?

upsc full form

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is an Indian government organisation which deals with the selection of candidates for various “A” grade as well as other grade positions in government departments and ministry. The essential exams held by UPSC is UPSC CSE. One can apply for UPSC CSE after graduation. You can apply in your final year or after graduating from college. But, What is the full form of UPSC?

UPSC Full Form stands for- Union Public Service Commission. also UPSC Full Form in Hindi-” संघ लोक सेवा आयोग “. UPSC conducts various exams like UPSC CSE(Union Public Service Commission), UPSC IES(Union Public Service commission Indian Engineering Services), UPSC CDSE(Union Public Service Commission Combined Defence Service Exam) etc.

Fresher Salary after UPSC IAS is Rs. 56,100 per month.

The Secret Behind UPSC Fame

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is an organisation which is controlled by the government of India. The primary purpose of UPSC is to conduct examinations for different government services like Civil services and Defence services. 

UPSC exams are mainly for central government services. These are the most important exams in India. People have a different view of this exam as it is considered as one of the best exams in India. Be it defence services or Engineering services or Civil services. You can enter them through this organisation exams.

The most challenging exams conducted by UPSC is UPSC CSE or Union Public Service Commission Civil services exams. Clearing UPSE CSE (UPSE full form) considered a feat by almost everyone in India. The exam is very challenging, thanks to competition and vast syllabus. Each year nearly 1 million candidates apply for UPSE CSE Prelims exams. There are mainly 3 levels which one need to clear before getting a post in UPSC CSE. The total number of post available is approx 980.

You can see that 1 Million students apply for 980 posts. The number is very discouraging for some people due to such high competition. But the best part is that only 20% to 30% are serious about these exams and prepare well for these exams.

Why UPSC Exam Is Famous?

The answer is simple, the power and fame you get after clearing the UPSC CSE with good rank can boost your career like anything. If you get IAS cadre or IPS cadre or IFS cadre then you are set for your life(as said by some of our parents, but life don’t work like this). For example, after clearing UPSC CSE and getting IAS cadre, you will be on cloud nine. After completion of your training, you will get a job as an assistant collector in different states throughout India. Within some years you will reach on DM or District magistrate position of an Indian district. As a DM you will command the District and everyone will report to you. You will be the most powerful government official in that respective District. 

If you work hard, then before your retirement, you can be the chief secretary of India. The highest paying position in Indian government jobs.

Not only IAS, IPS and IFS also promises great power and pride. If you are selected in IFS(Indian Foreign Services), then you are going to become an ambassador in any country before your retirement for sure. An ambassador is the face of government in the hosting country. He commands very high power.

So we can see why people love UPSC CSE exams so much.

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission conducts another exam like CDSE, CDSE Full Form (combined military service exams) and IES, IES Full Form (Indian Engineering Services) which are equally famous among aspirants. These exams open doors for defence services and engineering services. If you want to join armed forces and serve the country, then you need to clear UPSC or Union Public Service Commission exams.

Exams Conducted by UPSC

The exams which are conducted by UPSC are as follow-

  • Civil Services Exams(CSE)
  • Indian Engineering Services Exams(IES)
  • National Defence Academy Exams(NDA)
  • Combined Defence Services Exams(CDSE)
  • Naval Academy exams
  • Geologist exams
  • Combined Medical services Exams
  • Central armed police force exams
  • Special Class Railway Apprentice
  • Indian Economic Service


Q1. What is the UPSC full form?

Ans. UPSE Full Form in english is Union Public Service Commission

Q2. UPSC main Website



UPSC or Union Public Service Commission exams are very famous throughout India. Everyone wants to crack the UPSC CSE exams due to its positive outcome if cleared. UPSC CSE exams is a golden opportunity for all those who wish to join the prestigious Civil services.

Power hold by IAS and IPS officer is unparallel for some people. Every human wants appreciation of himself or herself and these two post, IAS and IPS provide you with a life where you will get saluted and greeted by everyone( except your seniors).

This desire, combined with government job security and the chance of serve country at the root level, can push anyone who invests his/her life for UPSC preparations for a consecutive number of years. Who doesn’t want social recognition? (Except some people)

Written by-Aditya Soni   

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