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ups full form

UPS Full Form

UPS Full Form or UPS stands for- United Parcel Service . also UPS Full Form In Hindi- “संयुक्त पार्सल सेवा”.

Fresher salary in India is Rs. 3,84,000 per Annum

UPS or United Parcel Service is an American company which deals with multinational parcel delivery and management of Supply chain system. The company was founded in the USA on 27th august 1907.

United parcel service has many division and subsidiary in the form of UPS airline(Deals with international and national parcel delivery), UPS freight service(Deals with national wide deliveries) and new and modern drone delivery system of the parcel known as UPS Flight forward service(It’s still in the testing phase in various places).

United parcel service has 200,000 employees and serves in every major country. 

UPS Information- Salary in UPS and Difference between UPS and FedEx

Salary and benefits in UPS-

UPS or United parcel service’s pay handsomely to its employees. In the US, the company’s average salary is approx $71,000 per annum. The company salary ranges from approx $45,000 to $108,000 per annum. The range is dependent upon the type of work done by each employee. Like Package, hander will get the lowest in the company while the person on the position such as Lead application developer will quickly get approx $105,000 per annum. 

You can see the vast difference in salary, but the thing is that still, it pays handsomely to its employees. Package handler qualification is very easy to attend, that’s why he gets the lowest salary whereas Lead application developer or CEO qualifications are tough to find, so these people earn greatly due to the simple economic principle of supply and demand.

UPS new CEO, Carol Tome will get salary around $12,50,000 per annum, excluding the other compensation of which CEO receive in forms of shares, stocks etc. Not only that, but she will also get 30 days for vacation purpose and 5 days leave for her time.

The best part you ask about UPS?

The answer is their work and learns program in the company. The company will reimburse the college fees for students who are working in the company as a part-time UPS or United parcel service Driver. Till now, UPS or United parcel service have reimbursed college tuition of 290,000 of its employees. In this way, it creates an opportunity for its young employees who want to work part-time and make some money so that they can pay their tuition fees in the US.

UPS or United parcel service also started Women’s leadership development program or WLD, which aims to help young women to learn about leadership in both corporate and social life of women’s. This WLD program is a global initiative which empowers women to lead and grow.

If you want to do charity or want to be a philanthropist, then UPS or United parcel service has got something for you. The UPS Foundation, which was founded in 1951, works for charity causes. You can join the UPS foundation as a volunteer and take part in an aid mission as well as you will organise charity events where you will help people and try to solve their problem. The program wants to help as much as needy people as possible. The program is still running significantly from the year 1951 and doing a fantastic job.

Difference between UPS and FedEx-

Both UPS or Union Parcel Service and FedEx are International parcel delivery services. Both companies originated in the US. However, both have some primary difference, and we will try to understand those differences.

First of all, the essential difference between UPS and FedEx is its employee’s structure. UPS have got employee union whereas FedEx don’t have an association, but it has gained thousands of contractors. These contractors don’t have any union. 

Now due to the absence of a union, FedEx can control salary and cost on its human resources more smoothly. It is also safeguarded from any employee strike, which can halt company work.

On the other hand, UPS has got employee union which can be beneficial for their employees and will don’t provide an extra load on their resources which will need to be invested in case of working with thousands of contractors.

UPS or Union Parcel service handles the most significant shipments each day as compared to other delivery companies. UPS main fleet is of trucks. So we can safely say that UPS is more like ground-based delivery services which cover almost all parts of the US. If you want to send something to a rural part of the US, then UPS is dominant in that field, thanks to its large truck fleet and a massive number of shipment processing centres throughout the US. However, UPS also deals with flight delivery using flights.

If we talked about the speed of delivery, then FedEx is slightly better than UPS. FedEx mainly deals with shipments which need to be sent urgently where UPS deals with packages in large numbers which are not required to be delivered next days. So UPS uses its truck fleet to send the parcels throughout different States.  


Q1. What is the full form of UPS?

Ans:- UPS Full Form is United Parcel Service . also UPS Full Form In Hindi“संयुक्त पार्सल सेवा”.


So we can say that UPS is the largest delivery service company in the US. The company is dependent on its truck fleet to deliver parcels throughout the country.

Due to truck delivery, the parcel delivery takes some time, and the driver needs to work hard, but still, it’s a king in terms of ground-based deliveries.

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Written by-Aditya Soni