SSC Full Form: What Is The Full Form of SSC

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SSC is a very prestigious exam help by the government of India. After UPSC or Union Public Service Commission exam, SSC or staff selection commission exams are most essential exams we have got in our Country. But, What is the full form of SSC?

SSC Full Form stands for Staff Selection Commission. SSC is an Indian government organization which deals with the selection of candidates for various positions in government departments and ministry. The most essential exams held by SSC are SSC CHSL and SSC CGL.

Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Exam is conducted for 12th pass students, and Staff selection commission Combined graduate level exam is conducted for graduate-level students each year.

Secret behind SSC fame-

SSC or Staff Selection Commission is one of the most prestigious exams in the Country. SSC is conducted each year with the aim of recruiting candidates for various government posts throughout the Country. One can get any post as Inspector, Sub Inspector and Assistant positions in different government departments such as Exercise Department, Revenue Department, Income Tax department, External Affair, IB etc. 

As these, all names suggest, SSC CGL can provide you with a great post at the starting of your carrier.

Fresher Salary after SSC CGL is Rs. 63,541 per month.

We all know that India has got the most number of young people throughout the world. Having such a large population means that Country needs a high number of jobs for these young people. Now India is a very populated and developing country. So jobs are not in much surplus as anticipated by youths. Another major problem is education and skills. Today’s youth lacks correct Skill required for the job. The combination of huge population and lack of Skills create an environment where people don’t get good private jobs. A private company wants profit due to its survival requirement and want skilled persons for the job. You can’t get hired in a private company if you can’t bring benefit to the company in monetary value.

Is SSC a good career option?

ssc full form

So today’s youth prefer government jobs as it pays very well compared to private employment during the initial years. The lowest employee in a government job gets much more than fresher of private job, most of the time.

Not only that, but government job promises something else also. The thing it guarantees is Job security which private job can’t. This job security combined with good initial salary creates an environment in a country where youths want to get a good government job as the government will pay you, no matter what. (Until and unless something very catastrophic happens.)

SSC or Staff Selection Commission offers you government posts which are very influential and powerful like Exercise and duty department and very famous Indian Income tax department. You can become an Income tax inspector and can earn money beyond your belief by doing corruption which is very sad and wrong. It’s also a criminal offence. But alas! Some people want these posts just because they want to earn money like anything. They do corruption and earn multi crores. Some people even collect 100 crores throughout their lifetime, which is equal to $15 Million approx. This is a considerable amount compared to their salary.

SSC Exam Procedure-

SSC or Staff Selection Commission exams usually happen in the month of March and April each year.

Here will discuss SSC or Staff Selection Commission CGL exams. Let’s understand its pattern-

1. Phase 1- Computer-Based examinations.
  • 4 Subjects
  • 100 questions
  • 200 marks
  • 60 marks

Subjects- General Intelligence Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative aptitude, English comprehension.  

1. Phase 2- Computer-based examinations.
  • 4 Subject paper
  • 400 questions
  • 800 Marks
  • 120 minutes

Subjects- Quantitative ability, English language comprehension, Statics, General studies.

1. Phase 3- Pen and paper examinations.
  • 1 Subject
  • 100 marks
  • 60 minute

Subject- Descriptive paper in Hindi and English. 

1. Phase 4- Computer proficiency test(Only for tax assistant)
  • Typing speed and computer knowledge

Q&A on SSC

Q1. What is the full form of SSC?

Ans:- SSC Full Form is Staff Selection Commission. also SSC full form in hindi is कर्मचारी चयन आयोग.


If you want to be a part of government working machine and think that you can invest your prime years of life in preparing for this job, then you should go forward and compete in SSC or Staff Selection Commission exams. The exams promise you healthy competition but in return ask you for hard-working hours. The result will be high after clearing the exams. 

Written by-Aditya Soni 

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