PWD Full Form: PWD Meaning, PWD Salary, and Difference between PWD and CPWD

Let us acquire some knowledge about PWD that, what is the full form of PWD, PWD Meaning, PWD Salary, Difference between PWD and CPWD, and many more. So, let us begin…

pwd full form

PWD Full Form

PWD full form or PWD stands for- Public Works Department. Also, PWD full form in Hindi is “लोक निर्माण विभाग”.

Salary of assistant engineer in PWD gets Rs. 56,100 per month.

PWD Meaning:-

Public Works department is a government department which deals with the constructions on roads, government buildings, bridges etc. PWD comes under the state government. PWD carries out all construction and maintenance work of state work. If we talk about constructions related to the central government, then the work is undertaken by CPWD or Central Public Works department. Buildings like AIIMS, IIT, Income tax offices, which are dependent on central government, are constructed by the Central government. Post like JNN and AEN comes under the PWD department.

PWD Information- PWD Meaning, PWD Salary and Difference between PWD and CPWD

Salary and benefits in PWD

PWD or Public Works Department salary is a good one. The salary is more than enough for Fresher who is working in PWD at a good post. Post like JEE and AEN pays well to a fresher. A salary of assistant engineer in PWD gets approx Rs. 50,000 per month. In terms of job security and job difficulty level, it is an excellent salary as a fresher. 

Let’s discuss a few more salary values for different posts-

If we talk about JEN or junior engineer, then he got Rs. 50,000 per month. JEN is the starting level job for a person who wants to work in PWD as a fresher. The job of JEN is not so hectic usually. The job is of a fixed hour and less stressful on an average day, but when the need arises, then JEN needs to go for solving the problem, no matter what time it is.

Let’s talk about the post of Assistant engineer post. Assistant engineer or AEN have got 2 grades. Grade 1 and Grade 2. AEN is senior to JEN, and JEN reports to AEN. 

AEN of Grade 2 gets Rs. 54,000 per month whereas AEN of grade 1 get Rs. 65,000 per month. AEN gets this much salary due to his Seniority over JEN.

Now we have Executive engineer post. He is the senior of both JEN and AEN. Foresees every main work in the department in his working area. He gets Rs. 75,000 per month to Rs. 80,000 per month. 

With Seniority, the salary increases in PWD. It’s very reasonable in a government department in which salary is directly proportional to Seniority. These phenomena have got both pros and cons. Sometimes, promotions based on age or Seniority will demotivate the employees from working hard enough for promotion as he already knew in his mind that promotion is directly based on Seniority, so why work hard. 

Let’s discuss what are the while working in PWD department.-

1. Regular Annual salary Increment based on Seniority.

2. Fixed and limited working hour.

3. More and better facility.

4. Job security, unlike private sectors, where you can be fired easily.

5. A good number of holidays compared to the Private sector.

6. Low stress related to work. 

7. Excellent pay structure during the starting phase.

8. Respect and power in society

9. Promotional benefits for everyone.

All these benefits look great, and they are great, but the government job has a downside too. Government jobs won’t pay you an excellent salary in your middle and later years compare to private employment. And after some time, the job will become boring for most people.

Difference between PWD and CPWD

PWD full form is the Public Works Department, and CPWD full form is the Central Public Works Department. PWD comes under state government and whereas CPWD comes under the Central government. It deals with the constructions related to state government like highways, bridges, state government buildings, stadiums, NIT etc. All constructions payment is made by the state government.

Whereas in the case of CPWD, all the construction is related to the central government. Constructions like IIT, IIM, Central government buildings, IIST, Interstates highways, NDA buildings, ITPB buildings, CRPF building, border area buildings. These all works are undertaken by CPWD department.

In New Delhi, the state-owned PWD comes under CPWD. All work and designing are undertaken by CPWD, and then with the help of PWD, all work is done.

So now, we know the fundamental difference between PWD and CPWD.

Q&A on PWD

Q1. What is the full form of PWD

Ans. PWD full form is the Public Works Department. Also, PWD full form in Hindi is “लोक निर्माण विभाग”.

Q2. PWD main website



So PWD or Public Works Department deals with construction related to government buildings. You can join PWD if you want a good work-life balance job with government job tag. The salary is excellent at the start, but again, government jobs have their shortcomings.

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