PHP Full Form: What Is The Full Form of PHP

Let us acquire some knowledge about PHP that, PHP Full Form, what is PHP, Salary of PHP Developer, Future Scope for PHP, Famous PHP Site and Security and many more. So, let us begin

PHP Full Form

PHP Full Form or PHP Stands for- Hypertext Pre-processor(earlier known as Personal Home Page). also PHP Full Form In Hindi-“हाइपरटेक्स्ट पूर्वप्रक्रमक “.

Average base salary of $94,000 per annum in the USA.

PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is an open-source and widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML programming language. It’s very cheap compare to any other languages, and it is widely used. 

PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is a scripting language. Usernames, password pages, login pages, forum etc. can be made by use of PHP. It’s mainly used to create websites which can interact with users, or we can call those websites as Dynamic websites. Examples of such websites are Quora, Facebook and Reddit.

PHP Information:- Salary of PHP Developer, Future Scope for PHP, Famous PHP Site and Security

Salary of PHP developer-

PHP or Hypertext preprocessor fresher developer salary in India starts from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. This is a low pay range for a PHP developer. Each newer usually get this much amount of salary while working as a PHP developer. 

The salary range can go from Rs. 8,000 Rs. To Rs. 1,50,000 per month in India. People who get Rs. 1,50,000 per month are hard to find as these people are not only working in PHP only. These people are low in number. They have mastered technology like Angular Js. Not only that, but they also have great experience in database architecture and other software development.

Let’s try to understand about salary range in PHP development jobs as we have seen that fresher don’t get much in starting of career. The answer to that is clear. The competition is damn high at the initial stage. There are many PHP fresher developers at beginning stage due to the simplistic nature of PHP language. Due to this crowded market place, PHP developers are easy to find, and fresher can be replaced easily. This is a fundamental principle of economics. It’s all supply and demand. Due to this, Fresher get a low salary.

To increase their pay, developers need to enhance their experience and expertise in different fields related to programming and software development. With each year, developer salary will increase with an increase in experience and knowledge. 

However, to reach the level of Rs. 100,000 per month, the developer needs to increase his knowledge in different fields. We will describe such fields below in which the developer can enhance their experience and knowledge.

Steps to Enhance Experience and Knowledge

1. Experience of Developer

2. Contribution to different open source projects.

3. Knowledge in different database systems.

4. Complexity and level of your projects.

5. Knowledge in other programming languages.

6. Java script library knowledge and framework knowledge

7. Coding technique and style

These are a few fields in which you have to increase your knowledge and expertise if you want to get a higher salary and want to enter the 1% club. According to Pareto’s 80/20 principle, 80% salary in any field in earn by 20% of employees and rest the rest, 80 % of employees earn 20 %. So you want to target the top 1% and not even top 20%.

Future Scope for PHP Developers in India-

Well, we can say that PHP or Hypertext preprocessor developers have a bright future in India. PHP is an ancient trustworthy programming language in India. If we compare PHP, node.js, python, frontend JavaScript for web development task, then many people will prefer PHP any day.

Due to its easiness and less complexity, PHP is used in low budget projects in India. Now due to small budget projects, many big companies don’t hire much PHP developers. But it doesn’t mean that PHP is terrible. It has its uses. Many companies like HCL, Infosys and TCS hire PHP developers.

You should also have sound knowledge in Symphony, Zend, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. You should also be compatible in Web service handling, database handling and enterprise applications.

Large MNC hires experienced PHP developers. After getting hired, your chances of getting a larger salary drastically increases.

Let’s discuss the frequent designation of PHP or Hypertext preprocessor developers who are hired-

1. PHP Trainee

2. PHP programmer

3. PHP web developer

4. Web developer

Famous PHP Site:

  • Opencart
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoos
  • Facebook
  • WordPress


PHP is the most power-full and secured language for writing CGI programs. The user finds better control on the PHP, there are various language to use, but when it comes to security and safety of user data PHP language is best.


Q1. What is the full form of PHP?

Ans:- PHP Full Form is Hypertext Pre-processor (earlier known as Personal Home Page). also PHP Full Form In Hindi-“हाइपरटेक्स्ट पूर्वप्रक्रमक “.


PHP or Hypertext preprocessor programmers are still wanted in today’s IT industry in good number. If you want an excellent salary, then you need to work hard and gather enough knowledge and skillsets in other programming languages and technologies too. You need to make sure that you are doing great in your current job while working on different open source projects

If you work hard and smart, then a huge salary is waiting for you. See more important articles related to PHP Full Form and several informative full form.

Written by-Aditya Soni

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