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phd full form

Doctor of Philosophy is a course where students are pushed to create new horizons of knowledge for humankind. With each new PhD degree, we get new ways and means to do things. But, What is the full form of PHD?

PHD Full Form stands for Doctor of Philosophy. PhD is a degree which is known as the highest level of degree in Universities. One can get his/her PhD in the field of his/her field of interest. Usually, a person gets “Dr.” in front of his/her name after completion of his/her PhD. PhD is a very high-level degree which opens new domains for humankind.

Salary of PhD Student

Stipend of 70,000 Rs./Month for 3 years and then 80,000 Rs./Month for 2 years. 

Indian government provides a stipend of Rs. 70,000 per month for the first 3 years and then Rs. 80,000 per month for another 2 years. Although you will get this stipend only when you do your PhD from IISc/IISERs/IITs and Central Universities.

Before this announcement, students used to get Rs. 25000 per month for the first 3 years and then Rs. 28,000 per month for the rest 2 years. Doctor of Philosophy students works hard and invest so much time in their life that they should get a higher salary during their Doctor of Philosophy studies.

A person after PhD gets lots of opportunities. In the US, PhD students get jobs in companies like Face book and Google. They can get salaries up to Rs 95,00,000 per annum and other Rs. 35,00,000 as bonus.

So we can see that Doctor of Philosophy students can get quite a high salary when work right and with passion. 

But why these students get such a high salary in start in these companies?

The answer is simple. A great engineer can code for you and create a product, but a PhD student can tell you how can we make the coding work as no one has seen until now. He can create new ways to code and help the company enormously.

So Doctor of Philosophy is a great way to earn money if completed from an IVY league college or any other famous institution.

What is a PhD by the way?

PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a course where students are pushed to create new horizons of knowledge for humankind. With each new PhD degree, we get new ways and means to do things. We get a unique experience in each field. PhD is not about learning new things, but rather it means to dig deeper into your subject and find something new from it. You need to attend classes by your advisors which will help you to broaden your knowledge in your subject, which in the meantime will help you enormously while making some discovery.

PhD duration is from 3 years to 6 years at max. In the meantime, you will reside in your University while researching your topics or field of interest. At University, you will act as a Teaching Assistant or TA. You will help a professor with undergrad classes. You will help students during your Doctor of Philosophy course duration. Not only that, but you also attend classes and meet your advisor quite often to clear your doubts. You will once again live a life where you are a student, but you can’t just study what your professor taught you and pass your subject. he are going to push the boundaries of human knowledge by your hard work and research. You will reach the zenith of Human knowledge by reading research papers. After reaching the limit of human knowledge, you are going to make a dent at the boundary of human knowledge by doing your PhD or Doctor of philosophy. In this sense, you will genuinely help humankind in discover new things. You will find something which no one knows in this whole world, and you are the only one who knows about it. The feeling will be very delightful and pleasurable.

How to get a PhD in 2020

There are 3 steps in getting a PhD or Doctor in philosophy courses-

1. Admission- In this step, you will apply in different colleges for admission in PhD courses. Here you need to give a written paper, interview and fill out requisite forms.

2. Selection of Topic- In this step, you will work towards finding your research topic. Either you can select your research topic or your advisor can provide you with a research topic. Once you choose your final topic of research, you can move forward.

3. Research and thesis preparation phase- In this phase, you will work hard to simulate your results while researching new things. You will also prepare your thesis, which you will present in front of a committee where you need to defend your thesis. Once your thesis can get accepted, then you will get your PhD and use Dr. in front of your name and congratulation on getting your PhD.

Is PhD tough?

PhD is definitively hard. You are expected to find something new which nobody knows except you. So this level of research needs patience and time. It all depends on your advisor and University also. 

PhD is challenging, there is no doubt in this, but it’s worth if you wanted to go for it and wants to help humankind to reach new zenith by finding something remarkably new. Who knows, maybe you will get a Nobel prize also for it.

So you should go for it if you think that you can endure long hours while trying to something new for your kind while questioning your sanity that why you are doing this but in the end when you finish your PhD successfully, you will be the happiest person in your vicinity.


Q1. What is the full form of PHD?

Ans:- PHD Full Form is Doctor of Philosophy. also PHD Full Form in Hindi– “डॉक्टर ऑफ फिलॉसफी”.

Written by-Aditya Soni

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