What is the Full Form of NDRF?

NDRF Full Form

ndrf full form

 It can serve in both natural disaster and man made disaster. NDRF serves under the central government of India. NDRF was established in 2005 by passing Disaster management act 2005.

What is the full form of NDRF? National Disaster Response Force is dedicated to serving during national disaster nationwide. The main reason behind establishing NDRF was to create a force which can serve during disaster time. Before NDRF, the government needs to call the army if any disaster happens. 

Soon the government understood that they need to create a dedicated force for such times. They can’t rely on the army every time. 

They need a dedicated and specialised force which can serve in times of natural disaster like flood, earthquake or nuclear disaster or chemical disaster. National disaster response force have got 12 battalions serving under NDRF flag, and these battalions are stationed at 12 different locations throughout the country.

 NDRF mainly recruit from Paramilitary forces and train them accordingly. NDRF is a very experienced force in terms of disaster maintaining and quite effective too.

Salary and Benefits in NDRF 

Assistant Commandant(Medical) gets Rs. 80,000 per month approx and all other government allowance.

NDRF or National Disaster response Force provides a good salary for its employees. As it comes under the central government, its salary structure is quite good compare to other services.

Commandos and constables get a pay scale of Rs. 8,300 per month to Rs. 17,000 per month approx. It doesn’t include other allowances pay and perks. Together it creates a handsome salary. Posts like Driver, Bulgur gets a pay scale of Rs. 7700 to Rs. 16,000 approx without including any allowance and perk.

Some of the allowances of NDRF are-

1. Dearness Allowance- 125%

2. Hardship allowance- up to 9750 rupees per month

3. Travel allowance

4. House rate allowance

5. National Holiday Allowances

With these all allowances and perks, the in-hand salary easily goes from Rs. 40,000 rupees to Rs. 1,00,000 per month. Salary is dependent upon post and seniority. High position officers get even more salary to compare to their junior counterparts. 

As NDRF is a part of the central government, its pay structure is very competitive to other central government services. NDRF officers are highly trained, and former officers of other Paramilitary forces of India and that makes them highly experienced. So joining NDRF is the right choices for candidates as it serves the nation directly in times of catastrophe and danger.

2. NDRF-National Disaster Recovery Framework

We have got one more full form of NDRF which means National Disaster Recovery Framework and that full form is used in the US. NDRF full form in the US is the National Disaster Recovery Framework. It also deals with disasters which hit the US. NDRF in the US provides operational and organisation guidance for whole US community during the disaster recovery process. NDRF deals with recovery phase in the US. It enables residents, civilians, planners and community to work together for a single cause of recovery process after a disaster.

Under the NDRF or National Disaster Recovery Framework, Federal government coordinates the recovery efforts which is lead by Federal Disaster recovery coordinator(FDRC full form) who serves as Deputy to the Federal coordinating officer in the JFO, JFO full form is Joint field office. State disaster recovery coordinator works in partnership with FDRC or Federal disaster recovery coordinator and hazards mitigation advisor to identify challenges and work with the whole community to solve the challenges for the state, community, family and individual. It makes sure that the recovery process goes as smooth as possible.

During 2011, President Obama approves the formation of NDRF, which was developed by Federal managers. The framework is framed in such a way that it includes the Federal government, the private sector, individual citizens, NGOs and all other government services and agencies have a role to play in the recovery process.

The NDRF is guided by nine core principles

1. Leadership and Local pharmacy

2. Individual and Family empowerment

3. Partnerships and inclusiveness

4. Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

5. Unity of efforts

6. Public Information

7. Psychological and emotional recovery

8. Timeliness and flexibility

9. Resilience and sustainability



Q1. What is the full form of NDRF?

Ans. NDRF full form is National Disaster Response Force or National Disaster Recovery Framework

Q2. What is the full form of NDRF in hindi?

Ans. NDRF full form in hindi is “राष्ट्रीय आपदा प्रतिक्रिया बल”.


Thus we have seen the full form of NDRF in two contexts, i.e. Indian context as well as the US context. In both of these contexts, NDRF or National Disaster Response force main work is to deal with disasters and aid in recovery processes. NDRF is such a great organisation, it is the front line force of our country to deal with any catastrophe which struck our country.

Written by-Aditya Soni

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