NDA Full Form: What is the full form of NDA

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1. National Defence Academy

NDA full form– National Defence Academy
Salary after the completion of NDA is 673,200 Rupees/annum.

NDA or National defence academy is the premier institute where our future armed forces officers trained. NDA opens up a new portal for its students in various fields. Students join NDA and Men graduated from NDA.
The above line is 100% true. NDA is not just an ordinary academy, whereas it is the holy place for all defence aspirants in our beloved country. The location is famous for its discipline as well as quality. The academy is renowned for transforming boys into men.
NDA provides you with a life which you have never dreamed of. The instructors here are the battle-hardened officers and soldiers. They provide you with life and experience, which is not possible for civilians.
The academy is not an excellent place for a comfortable life. It’s a very rigorous place where you will be hardened like anything. You will be taught about the basics of armed forces experience. You will be informed that what it takes to be an Officer in Indian armed forces. The instructor will break you down here and rebuild you as an Officer who can take the lead whenever the situation demands.

Why breaking down is necessary? Why it’s compulsory to be very strict with soldiers and put pressure on them?

The answer is evident in this question. In times of dangerous situation, our brain follows 3 option procedure. The available options are Fight, Flight and Freeze. Most of us either run when a problem arrives or freezes when in a stressful situation. This will be very harmful when a stressful situation arrives. In armed forces personnel life, stress comes more often than comfort, so become extremely necessary to prepare the officer to respond to the situation without freezing. Usually, split-second decision is required in the battlefield, and hence it becomes utmost essential for officers to act expeditiously and solve the problem.
So Instructors in NDA makes sure that trainees go through an extremely stressful process where they learn how to control their senses and act according.

Requirements For NDA

If you can’t join NDA due to any reason, then there is no need to panic or be sad as you can still join the armed forces. All you need to do is to wait till graduation. After graduating, you can give various exams like CDSE or AFCAT to join Indian Armed forces. You can enter either Permanent commission or Short service commission. Both have got their Pros and Cons.
NDA surely is a great place to learn about living the life of a warrior. It will prepare you for your future life as an officer in the Indian Armed forces. If you think that you are up to the task of leading the Indian troops into the battles then inevitably, the place is for you.
NDA is a place where we face our worst fear and become the best version of our self while getting a degree from JNU, Delhi.

2. National Democratic Alliance

NDA full form or NDA stands for National Democratic Alliance.

The NDA- National Democratic Alliance was formed in 1998, which is political parties in India.NDA was ruled by BJP, BJP Full form is Bhartiya Janata Party and 13 more parties in India.NDA First Prime Minister was Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee

NDA Partners are as follows:-

1.BJP-Bharatiya Janata Party
3.TDP-Telugu Desam Party
4.LJP-Lok Janshakti Party
5.SAD-Shiromani Akali Dal
6.RLSP-Rashtriya Lok Samata Party
7.LJP-Lok Janshakti Party
8.Apna Dal
9.NPF-Naga People’s Front
10.NPP-National People’s Party
11.PMK-Pattali Makkal Katchi
12.Swabhimani Paksha

NDA Government in the Various States

Bharatiya Janata Party hold majority seats in 12 States of Legislative Assembly-
1.Himachal Pradesh
9.UP-Uttar Pradesh
11.Arunachal Pradesh
12.Madhya Pradesh

Q& A on NDA

Q1. What is the full form of NDA

Ans.1. NDA – “National Democratic Alliance” and NDA – “National Defence Academy”.

Q2. NDA main website

Ans. NDA website- nda.nic.in

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