What is the Full Form of MLA with English Pronunciation

mla full form

MLA are members of the legislative assembly of their respective states. They are chosen through voting by voters from their separate area. People select MLA or members of the legislative assembly for representing them in the legislative assembly of their states. But, What is the full form of MLA?

Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) are chosen their people to represent them. After selecting MLA, they, in turn, select the Chief Minister(CM )of the state.

MLA Salary in India

Highest Salary of MLA is Rs. 2,50,000 per month(In Telangana)

Member of the legislative Assembly salary varies from state to state. MLAs of Telangana gets the highest salary of Rs. 2,50,000 per month whereas MLAs of Arunachal Pradesh gets the lowest salary of Rs. 25,000 per month.

The salary of MLA in India is above Rs. 1,00,000 easily. MLA’s remuneration consists of the following parts-

  1. Basic salary
  2. Dearness allowance(DA)
  3. House rent allowance(HRA)
  4. Travel Allowance
  5. Constituency Allowance
  6. Contingency Allowance
  7. Secretarial Allowance
  8. Conveyance Allowance
  9. Telephone Facilities and Allowances

So we can see different allowances which MLAs get.

Table Showing MLA Salary in India According to States

StateMLA Salary(Rs.) per month
Tamil Nadu1,13,000
West Bengal52,000
Uttar Pradesh1,87,000
Jammu and Kashmir1,60,000
Madhya Pradesh2,10,000
Arunachal Pradesh25,000
Andhra Pradesh1,25,000
Himachal Pradesh1,25,000

So we have seen the salaries of all states MLAs throughout India. The salary varies throughout India, and it is dependent on state only.

Some state MLAs got very high salary whereas some state MLAs gets very less.

Salary of Telangana MLAs is the highest among all other states MLA. Whereas Arunachal Pradesh MLAs got the lowest salary. 

We can easily say that the average salary of MLAs throughout India crosses Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

How to Become MLA

The requirement for becoming MLA or Member of the legislative Assembly is mentioned below. Although any Indian citizen can become MLA,

9 Major List of some requirements which needs to follow-

  • Interested candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • He or she should be 25 years old, at least.
  • Candidate must be an elector for any constituency in the state
  • Interested candidate must not hold an office under the Gov. of India.
  • Interested candidate must be of sound mind and not a lunatic.
  • MLA found guilty and convicted by court can’t remain on MLA post. 
  • The person should win the state assembly election from consistency. 

No requirement is very tough to attain. These are extremely basic requirements for becoming MLA in your respective state. The person needs to win the state assembly election to get the post of MLA or Member of the legislative assembly. After winning, he or she can behold his/her position of MLA for 5 years before another election happens.

Power of MLA

1. Legislative Power-

MLAs can make laws for States. They can exercise their powers on the state list.

The state list contains important subjects like Trade, commerce, irrigation, development and agriculture.

They also exercise their influence on Concurrent list, which contain items which are essential for both state and central government.

This concurrent list includes Education, adoption, marriage, forest etc.

2. Financial Powers-

Financial power in any state is held by Legislative assembly. A money bill can originate and pass in the legislative assembly, and

MLA must provide their consent for any expenses made from the state treasury.

3. Executive Power-

MLA or Member of legislative assembly hold executive power also. A vote of no confidence by MLAs in assembly can even force the ruling government to resign.

Government is answerable in Legislative assembly and must provide data to MLAs and assembly.

So in short, Legislative assembly keeps a check on working of the government.

4. MLAs appoints various Committees to the house.

5. The speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the legislative assembly are elected by voting of MLAs or Member of legislative assembly members.

6. MLAs elect the Rajya Sabha members, who represent a particular state in Rajya sabha.

Q&A on MLA

Q1. How many MLA in Tamil Nadu

Ans. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly has 234 members.

Q2. How many MLA in Maharashtra

Ans.The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has 288 members.


So we can see that MLAs are an essential part of Indian democracy. They run the state government and are elected by people.

Members of the legislative assembly are the one to whom the government is answerable.

MLAs can even force the government to resign due to no-confidence vote.

Written by-Aditya Soni

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    1. No, you can’t apply for MLA, As per the Article 173 of Indian Constitution, to become member of the Legislative Assembly the person age should not cross 30 years.

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