IAS Full Form: What is the Full Form of IAS?

Let us acquire some knowledge about IAS that IAS Full Form, Salary of IAS in 2020. Why is IAS so Hyped? IAS Dark Side and many more. So, let us begin…

ias full form

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form or IAS Stands for- “Indian Administrative Service”. also IAS Full Form In Hindi -“भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा”.

The salary for Fresher is 56,100 Rs per month.

IAS or Indian administrative service is a central government service. Indian administrative service deals with the working of the Indian government in different departments. These departments include the Health Department, Food department, etc. It is one of the most prestigious and sought after service in India. IAS or Indian Administrative Service makes sure that laws and regulations are implemented on a ground scale. If the Indian government is mind, then IAS service is the hand that makes sure that things happen as mind wanted.

IAS Information: IAS Salary, Why IAS is so Hyped?, IAS Dark Side.

Salary of IAS office In 2020

The salary of IAS is quite good at the start. Fresher will get 56,100 Rs. Per month but it excludes other benefits that the officer receives. These direct and indirect benefits are the real deal. Officers in Indian administrative services get a Housing allowance, Telephone allowance, entertainment allowance, and whatnot. Not only that, but the officer also gets servants and cars for his transportation purpose.

Basic pay is 56,100 Rs per month in Indian Administrative Services. Pay levels in IAS vary from level 10 to 18. Basic pay starts at 56,100 Rs. Per month to 2,50,000 Rs per month. The highest level you can achieve as an IAS officer is Cabinet Secretary of India. It requires more then 37+ Years of experience in service.

Why Indian administrative service is so Hyped?, IAS Dark Side

We all know about government exams hype in India. India is quite a young country as per say. We are highly dependent on the agricultural sector. The majority of Indians reside in villages. 

Due to the high population and lack of higher education in many parts of the country, people prefer government jobs as government jobs signify security and well being in India. Our parents and grandfathers belong to the time when jobs were scarce, and it was challenging to find a job. At that time, they have seen the power of officers and their lifestyle. And on top of that, IAS officers or Officers belonging to Indian administrative services were the jewels of the crown. They were awestruck of their authority.

Let’s dive some more in history to understand the hype of civil services. During British rule in India, Indian public services were the most prestigious service in India. ICS officers held a very high position in British India. They were the instrument of the British government to control India. IAS contain very high power and pride. They look like kings and queens to the villagers. Villagers worship them in a sense. 

From there, it embedded in the villagers that ICS and now IAS hold most of the power. They respect IAS officers a lot.  

Dark side of Life of IAS officer-

“Not every glitter is gold.” We all have heard about this line. Haven’t we? Each coin has two sides. Just like a coin, Indian administrative Service Officers have a dark side of life too. 

With high power comes great responsibility. That holds very much truth about IAS life too. These officers are solely responsible for the welfare and working of their respective districts. Many times, their work-life balance shatters. IAS need to work long and brutal hours. They can get calls at any time of day or night if the situation arrives. They need to reach there no matter what.

Not only work-life balance, but Corruption is also a massive problem in the life of IAS officers. A Large number of IAS officers take a bribe to do any work. Bribes can go from a few thousand to a few hundred Crores. Many IAS officers take bribes very discretely and then complete the work which needs to be done. 

Not only that, But we have got some brutal honest IAS officers too. But sometime in political pressure, they need to succumb and be ready for frequent transfers in their life. Due to this political pressure many 

an honest officer in Indian administrative service turned to their dark side.

Why you should Join Indian administrative services?

You should only join Indian administrative service when you think you can do it from your heart. In this time of the internet, it is straightforward to get influenced by IAS power and life and choose this career. Not only that, But Our parents and relatives will force and coax you to choose this life, unaware of your true calling.

If you think that you can literally invest your life for the benefit of society and can stand brutal pressure from the political side and still do the right things, then you should concentrate on your desire and work hard.

One point should be noted. 2,00,000 people each year attempt UPSC exams to become IAS. Out of these 2,00,000, only a few hundred will get their desired position, and rest students will sacrifice their prime years in attempting this exam which can change your life(only for few years if you do not genuinely want this life). No one asks what happens to the person who fails and wastes his/her life in becoming an Officer in Indian administrative Services.

Q&A on IAS

Q1. What is the full form of IAS?

Ans:- IAS Full Form is Indian administrative services and IAS Full Form In Hindi-“भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा”.

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