HTTP Full Form: What Is the Full Form Of HTTP

Let us acquire some knowledge about HTTP that what is the full form of HTTP, what is HTTP, What is the meaning of HyperText in HTTP, the history of HTTP, how HTTP works, and many more. So, let us begin…

http full form

HTTP FullForm

HTTP Full Form |HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.

What is HTTP?

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application layer based protocol which is used for data transmission over the World Wide Web (WWW). It is the part of the Internet Protocol suite that defines commands and services which are used for transferring data of the webpages.

What is the meaning of HyperText in HTTP?

Hypertext consists of text which contains a link within it, and that link redirects you on a new web page when you click on it.

Generally, the HyperText is displayed in a different way as compare to other texts.

How HTTP works?

When a user enters a URL in a web browser for accessing any particular webpage or data, the protocol retrieves information from the server and respond back to the requested webpage to the client/user, you just need to add HTTP/http in front of the address of the web page.

For example:- If you want to access a website like then you just need to add http:// in front of the link like this  

HTTP Information: Different Between HTTP and HTTPS, Advantages and Disadvantages and History

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP full form

There is not a big difference between HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HTTPS it is your choice that which one of them you use but if you want that your data should remain private and need a secured line to transfer your data or information then you must use HTTPS.

HTTPS is nothing but a more secure line for transferring data or information between client and server. 

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) sends data over port 80 while HTTPS sends data over port 443.

What are the advantages of HTTP or HTTPS?

  • Data Encryption:- When the data is getting transferred between the client and server HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) does not encrypt the data. But, if anyone like hacker tries to intercept in between then there are chances that the data can get encrypted. 
  • Data Protection:- When the data is getting transferred between client and server HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) saves the data and some cookies are also saved from that data on the client system. But if you are using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in a cyber café or any other public space then it is a thread for you, your data can get stolen. So, you must use HTTPS for the protection of your data or information especially when you are transferring data or information in public spaces or cyber cafes.
  • Search engine visibility:- In case of search engine visibility by Google or any other search engines HTTPS gets more priority or preference than HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). If you are making a website related to monetary transactions, username, password then you must use HTTPS as told above also that it is a secured line/path for transferring data between client and server.

What are the disadvantages of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)?

  • Some proxy servers or firewall systems does not allow access to the HTTPS.
  • HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is less secured as compared to HTTPS which is a more secure path/line.
  • The virtual host does not work with HTTPS.

What is the history of HTTP?

The term HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) was tossed by Ted Nelson in the year 1965 in Xanadu project but it was inspired by Vannever Bush. Tim Berners-Lee with his team at CERN invented the original HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HTML and associated technology for a web server and a web browser.

Versions of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP):-

In the year 1991 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 0.9 came then, in 1996 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and version 1.0 was launched, then in the next year means in 1997 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and version 1.1 was discovered, after then in the year 2015 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 2.0 came and in 2018 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 3.0 launched which is still running.

What are the similar protocols against the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)?

The similar protocols which can be used instead of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) are as follows:-

  • The Gopher protocol which is basically a content delivery protocol that was dispatched by HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in the early 1990s.

The SPDY protocol which is an alternative of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and which was developed by Google, and was superseded by HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)/2.I hope you all like the article about the HyperText Transfer Protocol that is HTTP. To get more information related to full form

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