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cto full form

CTO or Chief Technology Officer is a position in Corporate and Start-ups. CTO or Chief Technology officer deals with the technical aspect of the company.Chief Technology Officer makes sure that technology division is running smoothly and on schedule. But, What is the full form of CTP?

CTO Full Form stands for Chief Technology Officer. CTO reports to the CEO and Board of the company. He ensures that company technical product is running on schedule and running effectively as planned. Every senior engineer and VP of engineering reports to him. 

Average Salary is $243,919 per annum in the USA.

Salary of CTO

CTO or Chief technology officer salary is quite great as he is the sole person responsible for the technology division of the company. He makes sure that the technical department is working at its full efficiency. In the US, the CTO salary ranges from $204,540 to $285,313. It can go up to Million dollar per year in some cases.

If we talked about CTO or Chief technology officer salary in India, then the average CTO salary in India is near 30 Lakh rupee Per annum. Some top executive CTOs earned near 1 crore rupee per annum. 

US CTO earns much more than Indian CTOs. However, it should be noted that US companies are very massive compare to their Indian counterpart.

So getting a high salary in the US seems considerable. If we account for the US economy and taxes then this gap starts closing by some points though.

However the work pressure and work level of CTO is quite higher as he/she is solely responsible for technology department of the company which bring in customers to the company as technology is the main product of the company.

What is Work of CTO

CTO full form

CTO or Chief technology officer works with the company’s engineers. CTOs have different roles in different levels of companies. In small companies, CTOs lead its company’s engineers during product development. He will code with them also. He is called whenever any problem is encountered to solve it. Also get full form of CEO

In large companies, CTOs don’t get enough time to code as CTOs or Chief technology officers are busy in holding meetings, solving problems, reporting CEOs etc. They don’t get enough time to code.

Let’s summarise a few points of CTOs work-

  • Fixing urgent and important issues and emergencies
  • Participate in meetings and conference calls with different key personnels.
  • Giving out tasks to employees and reviewing their work.
  • Reading and replying to emails, and providing project updates.
  • Finding and hiring the people for the team and retaining the right talent in the company.

Just like the CEO, the role of CTO is very big in a company. There are different levels of the company. Some are small, some are big and some are huge!. These huge companies houses different product lines and different teams working on them.

Managing them is an enormous task for CTO. So for this position, these companies have VP of engineering. The VP leads the developer’s team and report to CTO. At this Huge Level, CTO is pretty much in planning and strategy section of the product.

He makes sure that products development is going on smoothly. CTO or Chief Technology Officer can’t code at this level as he doesn’t get enough time for coding. He is busier at planning different products and their architecture.

In start-ups and medium-size company, the work of CTO is to find and hire great talent. There is an old saying in the technology world that great CTO hires great team and great team create great products which in turn create massive companies.

Not only that, CTO or Chief Technology Officer also create a company culture. Company culture is very important for start-ups as it decides how the company will work in future, how it will treat its employees.

How to become CTO in 2020

There are 3 ways to become CTO. These two methods are-

Start your own company

Join other company as CTO

Promoted to CTO level by the board.

From all these options, option 1 is the easiest option. Anyone can start a company and get the title of CTO no matter what position the company is in. However many start-ups have got great and experienced CTOs.

You can join another company as CTO. But in this case, you need massive experience and talent behind your back. Your should hold multiple patents and have a great track record which vouches for you.

The third option is the longest and most tough especially in case of large enterprises. You need to stick with the company for a very large period and you should have performed very well and great You should hold patents and great success record. You should also be known as problem solver in your inner circle. Not only that, but you should have good contact level inboard and top brass of the company.

Q&A on CTO:- Chief Technology Officer

Q1. what is the Full Form CTO?

Ans1. CTO full form is Chief Technology Officer

Written by-Aditya Soni

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