CMA Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of CMA

If you are looking for CMA full form | For what CMA stands for so here we are emotepp to tell you everything related to CMA . Usually, Students have very much confusion related to CMA and USA CMA. Let me tell you that both courses are different and different countries govern them. I hope you are now more excited to get the Full Form of CMA.

cma full form

CMA Full Form

CMA full form or CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. Also CMA Full Form In Hindi-” प्रमाणित प्रबंधन लेखाकार “.

The CMA is governed by ICMAI. ICMAI stands for Institution of Certified Management Accountant of India. The parliament act approves this body of ICMAI, in 1956. Earlier, this body of management accountant is registered with the name of ICWA, which stands for Cost and Work Accountants of India. CMA deals with the work of cost as well as the practice of management, this course is a professionalcourse where thousands of new application are registered in the foundation as well as intermediate of CMA.

If A Student want to make a career in accountancy, management, and company laws, this option is best for him/her. This institute does not deal only with the theoretical subject; also, they focus on practical subjects like accountancy, taxation, finance, and many more.

CMA is under judge course of India, as we compare with other courses like CA, CS, CPA, CFA, and ACCA. But the hard truth is that CMA is the best course for the students who need success in this field within a short period.

The student who pursue this course in 2020 will be Qualified CMA within 3 years. This is the best part of this course that you will be CMA in 3 years. No course gives you this opportunity.

CMA Information : CMA Eligibility, How To Become CMA and Subject of CMA

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Eligibility to Become CMA in India:

Every course and Institution have specific limitation and requirement which the students has to fulfill before entering in these professional courses. Here are some points you may consider while applying for CMA foundation Or CMA Intermediate.

1. A Candidate must pass eight class.

2. The student must get a minimum 35 percent in 10 as well as 10+2 standards for applying CMA foundation.

3. Candidates of any field can apply for CMA Foundation except ARTS students.

4. Non-maths students can apply for the CMA Foundation, there is no need for maths in 10+2 class. Students who did not have maths in class 12, They no need to worry.

5. You must have a bank account or Debit Card for payment In CMA Foundation

NOTE: – If you don’t have a bank account, you may visit CMA chapter near you.

How to Become CMA in India in 2020

The most and frequently asked question, How to become CMA in India, but usually students are confused with the term CMA and ICWA. If you still have a problem related to these check first paragraph, we have cleared you about CMA Full Form and what ICWA stands for?

To become CMA in India, you must be fulfill the above requirement and rules made by the body of ICMAI to enter in CMA foundation. Now here are some points you need to understand how to become CMA in India?

CMA Exam Levels-

The first level is foundation, the second level is intermediate, and the last level is CMA final.

To clear the CMA foundation, you must score 200 out of 400 marks. It is effortless to score if you work hard in the 11th and 12th standard. And separately students have to score at least forty percent in each paper, for your knowledge let me tell you there are four paper in CMA foundation

After clearing the CMA Foundation, Students can appear for CMA Intermediate. This is the second step for CMA.

Students can appear for intermediate directly if they are graduate in any of the fields.

To clear CMA intermediate, you must score 400 marks out of 800 marks. There are eight papers, and candidates must get at least forty percent in each paper.

There is no direct Admission to CMA final, and Students need to clear CMA Intermediate first.

To qualify CMA Final, you must score 400 out of 800 marks. There are eight papers, and candidates must get at least forty percent in each paper.

I hope you understand How to become CMA in India. If you still have any questions related to this, you may contact us by visiting the contact us page.

CMA Subjects

Every institution has its exam syllabus. Instead, we look at CS, CA, CPA, ACCA, and CFA. But almost all the subject teaches in these all institutes are same. Here are some list of CMA subject

1. CMA foundation

            CMA Foundation Papers
1. Basic Accountancy and Costing
2. Economics and Management
3.Maths and Statistics
4.Company Laws

2. CMA Intermediate

                   CMA Intermediate Papers
1. Financial Accounting New Edition – August2019
2. Laws and Ethics New Edition – August 2019
3. Direct Taxation New Edition January 2020
4. Cost Accounting New Edition October, 2019
5. Operations Management & Strategic Management New Edition -August, 2019
6. Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management New Edition October, 2019
7. Indirect Taxation (Including Customs Act) New Edition January 2020
8. Company Accounts & Audit New Edition – August 2019

3. CMA Final subjects.

                                       CMA Final Papers
1. Corporate Laws & Compliance August Edition
2. Strategic Financial Management (SFM) August Edition
3. Strategic Cost Management – Decision making August Edition
4. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation New Edition-January 2020
5. Corporate Financial Reporting Revised August Edition
6. Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (Including Customs Act)
7. Cost and Management Audit August Edition
8. Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation August Edition


Q1. What is the full form of CMA?

Ans:- CMA Full Form is Certified Management Accountant. also CMA Full Form In Hindi-” प्रमाणित प्रबंधन लेखाकार “.

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