What is the Full Form of CGPA

CGPA Full form

cgpa full form

In today’s era, more than 80 percent (%) of the schools follow the process of CGPA. Not even the schools also most of the colleges give CGPA instead of the percentage.But, What is the Full Form of CGPA?

CGPA full form stands for “Cumulative Grade Point Average.” Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a grading system that is use in the education sector. It is to calculate or measure the overall performance of a student in higher academics.

How to calculate CGPA

Calculating a CGPA is just an easy task. You need to follow the steps below, and you can calculate your CGPA.

Steps to calculate CGPA-

  • Sum up all the grade points.
  • Then, divide the sum by the number of subjects.
  • Now you will be getting you’re CGPA.

CGPA Flow-Chart

            Percentage ( % )          CGPA
               91-100         A+
               81-90          A
               71-80         B+
               61-70           B
               51-60         C+
               41-50           C
               33-40           D
               21-30           E

If you are getting trouble in calculating the CGPA, then see the example below and later try it:-

Let us suppose your grade points are 9,8,5,6,9 in the respective five subjects. Now, sum up your grade points, and the sum is 37. Now, divide this sum by five (5) because there are five subjects, and the answer that will come i.e., 7.4, is your CGPA.

I hope now you are clear with the concept of how to calculate CGPA.

CGPA Pie Chart

cgpa pie Chart

Analysis :-

CGPA Pie Chart shows information related to CGPA Flow-Chart Given above

How to Convert CGPA into Percentage?

Many of the people ask students what percentage you got because they do not understand what a CGPA is. But, how to convert a CGPA into the percentage?

Steps to convert CGPA into a percentage

  • Calculate your CGPA.
  • Now, multiply your CGPA with 9.5
  • NOTE 9.5 is the fixed decimal number to calculate the percentage.

If you are getting trouble in converting the CGPA into percentage, then see the example below and later try it

Let us carry the above example further.
In the above example, we have learned how to calculate CGPA. Now, let us convert the same CGPA into a percentage. So, our calculated CGPA was 7.4. Currently, we only have to multiply the 7.4 with 9.5 (which is a fixed decimal number). Thus, the answer came i.e., 70.3 is our percentage (%).

I hope now you have understood how to convert a CGPA into a percentage from the above steps and example.

What is the difference between GPA and CGPA?

There is a minimal difference between the two GPA and CGPA, and the difference is that GPA calculated for a single term or a year, whereas CGPA calculated for the entire duration of a course.
Now many of you doubt that what GPA is and how it calculated. So, don’t worry, I am here to clear all of your doubts. So, now let us see what GPA is and how it calculated.

GPA full form stands for “Grade Point Average”. Grade Point Average(GPA) is a method of calculating a student’s average grade over a stipulated period, like one term semester.

How to calculate GPA

GPA calculated by dividing the average grade by the total credits of the student.


Q1. What is the highest CGPA

The answer to the above question is 10. Yes, the highest CGPA a student can score is 10.

Q2. What is the full form of CGPA

Ans. CGPA full from is Cumulative Grade Point Average. Also CGPA full form in hindi is “संचयी ग्रेड पॉइंट औसत”.

Hope now you are clear with the topics i.e., CGPA, full form of CGPA what is a CGPA, how it calculated, how to convert a percentage into CGPA, the highest CGPA, the difference between GPA and CGPA, full form of GPA, what is GPA, how to calculate GPA.

Written by-Arpit Sen.

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